Social Structures

Published by Social Literacy Series G

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Social Literacy Book G2

Social Structures examines the ways in which people are related in social groups. The unit begins with investigation of everyday concrete structures, and moves on to examine small social structures applying the concepts of parts, roles, relationships, rules and change. Sports teams, games, plays and schools are presented as possible case-studies. The relationship between social structure and social values is explored, building on the concepts developed in Unit 1 of this series. Together, these two units introduce concepts relevant to the study of large social groups in Unit 3, and issues of socialisation, gender and culture in Units 4, 5 and 6 The Social Literacy Project has developed this unit as part of an interdisciplinary social science course for primary and secondary schools. The goal of social literacy is for students to develop a framework of social concepts as tools for social understanding and active, confident social participation.

Book: Electronic (PDF File; 3.500MB), ISBN: 0-949313-22-X. Published by Social Literacy Series G.