Social Values

Published by Social Literacy Series G

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Social Literacy Book G1

Social Values explores the concept of 'values' as a tool for interpreting people's beliefs and behaviour. In a series of social investigations, students work out the ways in which people's social values are obvious in their actions and what they say. For example; What are the values expressed in popular songs? What values are represented in advertisements? What values do traditional stories express? What values are to be found in video games? Surveys are conducted to find out whether what people say matches what they really do on issues like pollution, religion or the role of women. Through practical investigation of these questions and developing a concept of social values, students move towards building up a language for understanding socialisation: the overall theme of the series of books to which this unit belongs. The Social Literacy Project has developed this unit as part of an interdisciplinary social science course for primary and secondary schools. The goal of social literacy is for students to develop a framework of social concepts as tools for social understanding and active, confident social participation.

Book: Electronic (PDF File; 2.836MB), ISBN: 0-949313-21-1. Published by Social Literacy Series G.