Needs, Labour and Technology

Published by Social Literacy Series H

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Social Literacy Book H1

Needs, Labour and Technology explores the ways in which people develop social and technical solutions to the problem of interacting with nature to satisfy their needs and wants, and how technologies have both social and technical aspects. In a series of social investigations, students develop and apply the concepts of basic needs, cultural needs, wants, labour, nature, tools and technical and social problems and solutions. For example, how does Diamando solve the problem of survival after her plane crashes? When does advertising promise to satisfy basic human needs, cultural needs or wants? How do we use tools? How do we make technical decisions in our everyday lives? What are their social effects? What social influences did Tran Le Locke's plough have? Should Mary Keile drive her car to work? Through investigation and applying concepts of needs, labour and technology, students move towards developing a language for understanding different patterns of social organisation: the overall theme of the series of books to which this unit belongs. The Social Literacy Project is developing an interdisciplinary social science program for primary and secondary schools. The overall goal of social literacy is to develop a framework of social concepts as tools for social understanding and active, confident social participation.

Book: Electronic (PDF File; 2.651MB), ISBN: 0-949313-19-X. Published by Social Literacy Series H.