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This book explores the ways in which social values in everyday life are related to law, culture and ideas of justice. The concept of justice is explored first in an examination of justice in popular culture, everyday interactions and rules of social behaviour. Then through an investigation of Confucian, Islamic, English and traditional Australian Aboriginal ideas of justice, a comparison is made of the ways in which social harmony is maintained in different cultures. In its third, concluding section, the book examines today's concept of human rights and what this means for our lives. The Social Literacy Project is in the process of developing a set of conceptually-oriented materials for students in primary and secondary school. The overall goal of 'social literacy' is that, through a sequence of social investigations, students will build up a set of working tools for self and social understanding and active, confident social participation. The development of this book was funded by the Human Rights Commission, Canberra. It can be used either as a unit of work in its own right or as a thematic application of the concepts developed in the core books of the Social Literacy Program.

Book: Electronic (PDF File; 13.580MB), ISBN: 0-949313-32-7. Published by Social Literacy Series SC.